Big George Goes Big in Business — The George Hincapie Interview

In 2012, George Hincapie retired from being one of the most well-known professional road cyclists of all time, and entered the business world. In cycling, George was known as a selfless teammate, the consummate domestique. You can read all about that journey in his book: George Hincapie, the Loyal Lieutenant, My Story. I highly recommend it. Sure, the business world was markedly different in terms of going to work every day. But George approached his transition from pro cyclist to entrepreneur with the same dedication and relentless focus that he brought to his training and racing on the bike. George now has four entrepreneurial endeavors in Hincapie Sportswear, Hotel Domestique, the Hincapie Racing Team and the Hincapie Gran Fondo. Four entrepreneurial endeavors in three years? That certainly qualifies as going big – this interview underscores the fact that you can transfer passion for sport and lifestyle (cycling) straight into your entrepreneurial journey. Listen in and learn how George has bridged his candor and hard-fought successes from his years in the pro peloton straight into making an even bigger impact through his businesses. Don’t forget to rate, review and subscribe to the Intrepid Entrepreneur Podcast, and share it with a peer who you know will be inspired!

Habit for Success?

George took the success he gained from a practice of positive thinking and mindset straight into his business endeavors. He won’t spend time thinking about what he can’t do, or worry about negative things that might happen. Instead, he focuses 100% of his mindset on success and staying in the positive.

Pivot Moment?

Read George’s book to discover the many pivot moments. This book was very impactful to me; it lays out George’s entire journey through cycling from beginning to end, during an era when cyclists were faced with very difficult decisions to stay competitive. The best part, in my opinion, of this book, was learning how George raced clean for the last six years of his cycling career – that certainly wasn’t the easy road, but he stayed with it and his journey is nothing short of inspirational. Buy the book here.


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