Fourteen Things I’m Excited for in 2014

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By Kristin Carpenter-Ogden

In no particular order…

1. My eight-year old daughter’s extracurricular activities. These include Snow Demons (she’s skiing with the big kids on the entire mountain this year), Durango Devo and our beloved – soccer! This year she’s on the traveling team – not sure what that means, but I’m stoked about it!

2. My son’s ski racing. He’s really doing well with GS this year and getting confident. He’s also going back into baseball, football and Devo. “Gotta keep these kids busy,” has always been my motto.

3. Verde’s trade shows. What? Being excited about a trade show? Hell yes! I love to see our extended families at Outdoor Retailer and SIA! No really. Plus, the trade show circuit is evolving at Verde to include events and amazing parties such as ORWM’s Capitsl Cities Wolverine WorldWide Party. Plus, at both shows, yours truly is hosting panels on the business of the backcountry, avalanche awareness and how to market backcountry products and activities responsibly.

4. Outdoor Industry Women’s Coalition (OIWC). This organization, close to my heart, stepped it up big time in 2013, thanks to Uber Diva Deanne Buck. OIWC has become a high profile, amazing resource for women on the hunt for mentors and for growing their careers in the outdoor, bike and snowsports markets.

5. You know I heart gear so… I’ve drunk the Kool-Aid on wearable electronics, especially MIO watches, Verde’s client that makes a cool looking and super functional heart rate monitor that doesn’t require a chest strap. I personally also double heart the Fitbit – pedometer that somehow can monitor your sleep and gets smarter about your daily habits the more you wear it.

7. The Iron Horse Bicycle Classic. If I told you my goal I would have to kill you.

8. Bicycle Leadership Counsel event, kicking off the Sea Otter Classic in Monterey, Calif., in April. This is pretty much the best industry event in the history of human kind.

9. Team Optum, especially the women’s team. This is the year that all Mountain Divas will get to ride virtual shot gun on the UCI women’s pro tour through Verde’s client Diamondback bicycles! A dream come true!

10. Mt. Evans Hill Climb. Again, if I told you my goal, I would have to kill you.

11. Anything and everything about the bike industry! I’m hoping to bring my son to the German bike show this summer. I am also pretty stoked that my nephew Austin Carpenter is slowly and surely falling deeply in love with bikes. My vision of corrupting my brothers’ kids is coming true! (Insert sinister laugh here). One. Kid. At. A. Time.

12. Seattle. I LOVE to visit this city and I am so grateful that Verde has Outdoor Research, K2 Sports, Nikwax and Accell North America all located in the Emerald City! Anytime I get to visit Seattle and surrounding areas, I am beyond happy!

13. Here’s a no-brainer: paddleboarding with Ingrid. Never have I met a woman with more stoke about a sport. If you can support her business please do as she is as true as it gets!

14. Best for last. Our kids are getting older now and this is the year that The Husband and I are hoping to do one or two or so trips solo. Like the old days, but better!





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