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This one comes to LivingUber via Inc. Magazine’s blog. It’s a post that I would call evergreen; it covers a topic that we all know but we forget about in our day to day, flat-out sprint in this game called small business. When was the last time you thought of conveying your businesses’ story through the eyes of its founder?

This post recognizes the power of the founder’s story (they call it ‘Creation Story’). Want to get your fans and followers emotionally engaged? Then revisit your founder’s story and figure out a way to weave it into your storytelling. This method exemplifies Passion-Based Branding; it’s using passion to naturally build engagement through connection.  Think of pulling your founder’s story (or pieces of that story) into your marketing or your content.

Inc. Magazine is one of my favorite reads because they cover many interesting facets of being an entrepreneur or piloting a start up. There are always pages dog eared in my print issues and I apply many of the tips and tools they provide.