Ditch the Lowest-Common-Denominator Approach in your Content Marketing

Be Remarkable to Your Target Customer

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Today’s blog gives you a great new example to follow to make your brand’s storytelling far more powerful. Let’s dive right in!

In episode No. 57 of the Intrepid Entrepreneur podcast (which airs this Friday), I interview a good friend of mine, Brad Steward, the founder of Bonfire Snowboarding. I’ve known Brad for twenty years and throughout that time, he’s epitomized what it means to be a creative visionary outdoor market founder.

Throughout his career, Brad’s specialized in bringing commercially viable products and experiences to market with a markedly anti-commercial approach.

What does that mean? He’s always focused– laser focused – on being absolutely mind-blowingly remarkable to exactly one archetype target consumer (or avatar). He’s never tried to create for the widest swath, lowest common denominator consumer.

That’s very evident in his newest launch, which happens in April of this year, Caravan Outpost.

The concept behind Caravan Outpost is new, to the point that there’s not a classification for it in the travel industry. It’s part boutique, luxury lodging experience and part off-the-grid camping destination. Picture a group of hand-restored Airstream campers parked in a meticulously arranged compound in the soulful, lovely haven that is Ojai Valley (in Northern Los Angeles County).

It is the antithesis of the cookie-cutter, national chain resorts and hotels that offer a “consistent and reliable” homogenized experience for the widest range of customers.

HINT: Your target customer doesn’t want to be treated like the lowest-common denominator either.

Brad and his partners designed Caravan Outpost to give their avatar a really different experience. It’s not for everyone.

And that’s my point here today. Let’s take a page out of Brad’s playbook and be brave enough to create an entirely unique brand experience hand-built for our own target customers, and let’s do it through our content!

Remember this: If you try to be remarkable to everyone, you’ll be remarkable to absolutely NO ONE.

This is especially true today with our content. We have more tools and tactics to deliver custom-built content to our own one perfect person, the person our business exists to create solutions for. I’ll be continuing to share ways to do just that in this month in February’s Master Class (registration details below).

Brad’s podcast comes out Friday morning this week. Check it out here: www.intrepidentrepreneur.net/podcasts.


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