What the A-Game Alliance Can do for Your Life (and Business)


I’m about to open the doors to my brand new private mentorship and community built for entrepreneurs in the outdoor, bike, snow, endurance and travel markets, the A-Game Alliance (here’s a link to learn more and apply).

This is the culmination of two years of work and a cool extension from the successful A-Game Mastermind launched with 27 founders in Q4 of last year. Like anyone getting ready to launch anything, I’m experiencing that mix of excitement and fear – sort of like what it feels like when I roll up to the start line in a bike race. That feeling never seems to change or get old!

When I sat down to outline and write this blog post for you, my goal was to explain how the A-Game Alliance works and how it helps entrepreneurs in these markets.

We’ll be getting to that in this post, but I have to go here first:

I think I know why you’re really here. …

The people who follow me at Intrepid Entrepreneur want more than knowing how to make their start up work or their business successfully scale.

My people want to know how to live, full-time and full-on, as a member of the outdoor, bike, snow, endurance and travel communities.

My people are committed to being successful integrating their identity, their absolute passion in life, into their career choice.

My people know that a remarkable and profitable business is there to support the lifestyle that grants us entry into the culture, communities and tribes of the outdoors.

So it’s not about squeezing out more profit, working longer and harder hours – it’s about putting your passion first in life.

The reason you’re inextricably drawn to doing business in these markets is because you love what they stand for and how the other people in these markets (your customers included) are passion driven. Just. Like. You.

You’re here because you know who you are and as a result, you know what you want to do in your career.

“You cannot consistently perform in a manner which is inconsistent with the way you see yourself.” —Zig Ziglar

You need to be in the communities, of the culture and with the people comprising the outdoor, bike, snow and endurance tribes – I so get it.


For me, it looked like this:

In 1994, I moved to Durango, Colo., with a job that paid minimum wage at the local newspaper, and another freelance proofreading and copyediting job.

Let’s just say I had to convince my parents that I was only going to Durango for one year – after all I’d just finished up my degree at U.C. Davis and my graduation present was a suit, pantyhose and heels for job interviews. Ah yes, my parents thought my degree was in Political Science (it actually was) but in my heart, my degree was in river guiding (thanks, Outdoor Adventures!).

After discovering my people through the gateway drug of raft guiding, I discovered even more awesome people who mountain biked, backpacked, and climbed! I was in heaven!

At that time, I knew one thing: I wanted to make a life work in a mountain town instead of working my entire life in a cubicle, in a city, with the hopes of retiring to my mountain town someday. I still believe that wholeheartedly today.

There were two things I knew then and know now that make me happy:

1 – Being in the mountains, on a trail, on the water and on rock is as necessary as the air I breathe. I know I need close access to my outdoor pursuits and a beautiful environment to be happy.

2 – Being around my people: bike people, climbing people, river people, endurance sport people, snowsports people, camping people and mountain-town and beach-town people. I knew I needed to be part of these tribes to be happy.

Passion has to come first. It’s a way of life.

I built a lifestyle that made my passion possible, and that only happened when I intentionally chose to become an entrepreneur in the outdoor active lifestyle markets.

I’ve now been in Durango, Colo., for 21 years, and I’ve had some kind of freelance or full-on self-employment in the outdoor, bike, snow, endurance and travel markets the entire time.

I choose to be an entrepreneur because I intentionally wanted to live a very specific lifestyle that revolved around the culture and sports of the outdoors.

I know that’s why many of you are here too.

I’ve started up three times in the active outdoor lifestyle markets. All three of those start ups would have gone better, been more successful sooner and enabled me to have a bigger positive impact on my clients and customers right out of the gate if I’d had support and mentorship.

Actually, with my third start up, the Intrepid Entrepreneur, I was in a consulting certification program but the mentor and the program were not geared to the outdoor active lifestyle markets. That makes a huge difference – we just do things a certain way in our passion industries of outdoor, bike, snowsports, endurance and travel.

This is exactly why I wanted to launch the very first and only private mentorship and entrepreneurial training community. It’s what I wanted to have when I was launching my three companies.

Also, I grew up in these markets and I want to give back to them. The best way to do that is to create a platform to help launch tomorrow’s successful companies.

The outdoor, bike, snow, endurance and travel markets were literally built by innovative entrepreneurs and these markets NEED a community and mentorship to get the next generation ready to drop the clutch and further the growth and reach of our markets.

Thanks to the incredible advancements of digital technology, I’ve been able to create an awesome entrepreneurial mentorship and community platform in the A-Game Alliance.

This private community is set up to serve people all over the world who are hell-bent on building a remarkable, profitable and impactful entrepreneurial business in these markets.

Is the A-Game Alliance for you? Here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • Are you ready to make a change in your life and actually bring your vision to reality in your company?
  • Are you ready to pay attention to that voice in your head that keeps reminding you that you want to be doing something you love with people who “get” who you are?
  • If you already have a business, do you find yourself trying multiple strategies for traction and not getting the results you want?
  • Are you busting your you-know-what trying to keep your revenue the same but you’re finding that it’s declining despite your best efforts?
  • Are you aware that what you’ve done to get your business or concept for a launch to this point is not enough to get it to the next level?
  • Are you experiencing that nagging feeling that you’re missing something, often?
  • Are you feeling exposed to too much risk or just plain scared to start up?
  • Are you growing tired of being on the Han Solo path as a business owner?

Whether you’re already an entrepreneur in the outdoor active lifestyle markets or completely chomping at the bit to become one, the support, community, trainings and mentorship of the A-Game Alliance will serve you very well.

There are five key attributes to the ideal membership group. This is what I would have wanted to have when I was launching:

  • A NETWORK: A resourced network in the outdoor active lifestyle markets starts with a peer group of highly motivated, focused and collaborative people (your people). You’ll also have my two decades of experience working with over 200 brands in these markets at the ready
  • CONFIDENCE: Confidence in your next steps as you take on your go-forward plan. Confidence leads to commitment, which is one of the toughest things to do and a primary part of the process toward implementation
  • SPECIFIC TRAINING: Successfully growing a remarkable and profitable business in these markets requires a specific approach. This is what I teach. We’re here to have freedom, be great leaders, innovate, work and play within a great community, make a positive impact and be happy
  • PROFESSIONAL COACHING AND MENTORSHIP: You’ll have a mentor with market fluency and one who is entrenched in the markets of focus with real-world experience
  • BRANDING AND MARKTING IN THE DIGITAL-DIRECT ERA: You’ll be trained in my Passion-Driven Branding approach in the A-Game Alliance. You’ll learn how to be discovered by your ideal customers and clients, and how to create a marketing program that keeps them engaged and buying from you

Having this would have enabled me to have less gray hair and wrinkles (character, right?) and make about 50% fewer mistakes.

The A-Game Alliance requires investment of time, focus and money.

First, there’s an application to get in to the Alliance. The reason is because the peer support community is a crucial facet of the program. To apply, go here, and email your responses to: membership@intrepidentrepreneur.net.

For those who are successful getting into the program, there’s an initial investment of $497. A monthly fee of $45 will be deducted automatically monthly going forward. The initial investment can be broken into two payments.

I wanted to provide a short overview on the reasoning behind the financial investment. The A-Game Mastermind took place in Q4 of last year, and according to my graduates, it was a great program. Something you should know about me: I’m thorough. There was a lot of information, and my A-Gamers had two modules to work through per month. Some thought this was a lot of info, but it there wasn’t anything they’d cut out of it necessarily.

I believe that the content I’ve built is best-in-class and I plan to improve it every month for you. For example, I had audio-only trainings for the course, and in the membership site, I plan to do webinar videos monthly that are just for this group in addition to some audio training (member-only podcasts, etc.). I’ll also be improving it by bringing in guest mentors and building a very active peer community.

The reason I’m asking for an up-front investment is simple: This was a lot of work to put together and will continue to be (it’s a labor of love!).

I’ve also found that 110% of the time, when people don’t have to put some “skin in the game” investment wise, they don’t commit to a program. It’s really important that you commit to this for your own benefit and for the benefit of your peers in this community. The $45 payment will be automatically deducted monthly going forward and enables the program to exist, grow and make you kick-a** as an entrepreneur.

About the content:

As I said, I’m very thorough. The trainings work; they’re both effective and implementable. I’ll be doing Q&A sessions live each month, and also will be very active in the forums.

Considering the reaction of my students in the last course I did (with the information being a lot to go through in the time frame they were committed to [3-months], I decided a membership site was a great next step for my program and system.

With this new format, the Alliance trainings are released one per month by a theme. In the first month, I’ll have some pre-work (business and personal values and avatar, in addition to goal-setting). I will also post a few bonus trainings in months one and two on mindset, mindfulness and wealth consciousness – reason being that those are super important for founders to have in a solid spot to really drop the clutch in their businesses.

This is an ongoing program. I will keep adding monthly content as your needs develop around the different stages of your business. For example, we’ll likely cover creative funding strategies, how to scale, how to leverage investments around tradeshows, events, deeper dives on things like social media and email list growth/marketing, etc., as we grow together. All topics will be positioned through what works in the active outdoor lifestyle markets.

Entrepreneurs built the active outdoor lifestyle markets and will carry it forward!

Looking forward to hearing from you, should you be interested in joining the A-Game Alliance! Until next time, GO BIG!