Doug Schnitzspahn

My guest on Intrepid Entrepreneur today is none other than Doug Schnitzspahn. I feel he should be Knighted, like Sir Richard Branson. Why? Because there are few people out there in the active outdoor lifestyle markets with the work experiences and perspectives that Doug has….

He basically hold a Ph.D. in producing, editing and publishing content in a myriad of forms.

As a freelance writer and editor, he has worked on publications like National Geographic, Outside, Men’s Journal, The Chicago Tribune, The Denver Post, Backpacker, Skiiing, and The Mountain Gazette. In my opinion? Doug is one of the main portals educating newcomers to the outdoor active lifestyle markets while concurrently keeping existing outdoor fans stoked.

In a nutshell? Doug is super important to the outdoor recreation economy! Perhaps he should run for office? I know someone who could do publicity on that… 🙂

In this podcast, Doug and I get to talk shop. We’re old friends and we’re also entrepreneurs. We’re wired in a similar way, and as we watch how the economy continues to be transformed by the digital direct era, we’re both wondering where the quality and topic alignment has gone.

There’s a sweet spot when the unique voice of the writer aligns with the topic, and the topic aligns with the audience’s and brand’s focus and interests. Brands should focus on making this perfect trifecta happen, and invest in content creation that really hits these three points. You can’t buy this type of approach from a content service or farm.

Doug has built a career out of creating amazing content, with a unique voice, that connects deeply with a specific audience: the outdoor market. His opinions shared in this episode can truly help your organization ensure that you’re not publishing “choss” (that’s our word for CRAP content).

You can also learn all about Doug’s perspective on the “freelancer’s economy,” and the role of sponsored content.  

If you’re a freelancer, entrepreneur, or an outdoor enthusiast of any kind, you’ll find Doug to be a fascinating guy with sharp insights. Few people can offer the insights Doug can on the outdoor market today, or on how brands can pull off authentic content marketing.

Pull out a notebook, and get ready to learn and be inspired, on this episode of Intrepid Entrepreneur!


Bravery in Business Quote

“You’re never going to succeed if you try to change someone, you’re going to succeed if you help them rise to their potential.” – Doug Schnitzspahn

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The Cliff Notes

  • Unique voices are extremely important in content creation
  • Sponsored content can be a really good way for a brand to authentically tell its story
  • A lot of brands understand the value of content marketing now, but need to also understand the value of bringing on professionals to create that content for them
  • There’s a sweet spot for brands when the voice (writer), topic, and audience aligns
  • Interesting contests will go far to engage an audience
  • Content creators are drawn to people who give them freedom in their work
  • When you’re analyzing opportunities, prioritize your passion – what you’re excited about
  • Delegation is important to both freelancers and entrepreneurs. Play to other people’s strengths
  • Dedicate time and energy to the things you love, not just the things you have to do


“A savvy manager will figure out how to get the most out of people by who they are, not trying to change them.” – Doug Schnitzspahn

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Habit for Success

Try to understand everyone’s unique strengths, without trying to change them, and play to those strengths.





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