Hotseat-Q&A Guidelines

What are press releases? How do you know when you need one? Where do I even start? What kinds of content do I include? Is a press release even for me?

These are just a few of the questions that I can cover in the LIVE Q&A Hot Seat call tomorrow at 6pm MST. These live teleconferences take place every other week with a new specific topic that answers your questions LIVE.

My favorite part about these live calls?  Really being able to dial-in what you, Uberites, are wanting to work on for your businesses. I love reading about your burning questions – because I love hearing about what our community is working on and what you want most out of the community we are creating.

Free, live hot seat call this Tuesday at 6pm MST

Live Hot Seat Teleconferences happen every other Tuesday at 6pm MST.









Since we’ve changed some things up, I do have some new guidelines that will help me to deliver the best information to you. Please click here to read about the changes before you submit your questions. You can submit your questions to or on any of our social networks by using the hashtag #Hotseat.

If you’d like to listen to the previous Q&A calls and see how the flow usually works, you can visit them here.

Please join me for these live teleconference calls and to connect with other LivingUber entrepreneurs.

As always, GO BIG!