LU 12.16.14

2015 may be approaching faster than we may like, but that is why we have been planning for it since October.  2015 will continue to bring on new trends and new ways to market our products and brands. But what should we expect to change and where do we share?

I ran across this article from Bryan Kramer titled, “Top 6 Disruptive Marketing Trends for 2015”. Click on this link for a helpful and well-organized list of platform changes to be made and where, when and why to share.

There is a ton of great info in this piece but for the purpose of providing just a preview of it, take a look at a few of the following topics:

– Video Becomes Experimental

– Shareable Experiences

– Narrative Science

– Invective Marketing

– Transmedia Storytelling

– Personalized (Human) Marketing

– The Narrowing of API’s

The biggest thing to take away from this piece is the key point. “Sharing will be at the epicenter in 2015. We have the tools and technology right now – the challenge will be to exercise our own human ability to change the paradigm of how we tell stories, tolerate inhumanity online and exercise discernment in how much we let technology lead or control how and what we communicate.”

Have fun reading!

Image courtesy of: Bryan Kramer