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Thinking of launching or redesigning your website? I found an article on that contained some irritating (ahhh, the work never ends…), albeit highly useful, information for those of us entrepreneurs investing in our own sites and digital infrastructures. The article is titled:  “How to Redefine your Marketing Strategy in Today’s Tech-Drenched World”

There is SO much good info in this article – subtitles range from “How to stay sane and not get run over by tech” to “Today’s websites are not static” to “Best tools for content syndication.”  But for the purpose of providing just a snapshot of it, check out the following check list for pulling a website together in today’s digital landscape:

Web Site Design Prerequisites:

– What’s the product or service going to sell for and how to you communicate this to the visitor?
– Are content marketing initiatives (blog, PR, images, infographics, videos, virality) integrated with your design?
– How do analytics and sales funnel metrics tie into the web site?
-What’s your lead generation strategy or desired outcome for a visitor, other than perusing the site?
– Is a content marketing strategy defined and do you have an Editorial Calendar in place for organizing: content updates, topics, keywords timeline and more?
– Do you have social media integration in place: social logins, sharing options and plugins, engagement drivers to generate virality and social sharing?
– Is legacy content and information mapping in place and how will this be archived in a meaningful way to continue to drive traffic?
– Do you have a real grasp of your targeted market demographic or persona, with dedicated time and resources defining who the customer is?
– Are you leveraging Cloud integration: apps, third party services, appropriate server and/or hosting vendors to lower costs & accelerate time to market?
– Visitors “read” web site content in F Shaped Patterns; is this baked into your content strategy and User Interface?
– How is your site going to be updated moving forward and who is responsible for this?
– Are trust signals in place on the site to drive conversions?

Again, this is an exceptionally honest piece of research and writing for anyone operating today with digital assets (including a website).  Bookmark worthy for sure.

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