Providing a Customer Experience through Brand Storytelling

Brand Storytelling

An update from the flight deck – and I’m literally on a flight as we speak, on my way to a super huge and important pitch for my company Verde Brand Communications – stoked!

I’ve finished preparing and rehearsing (I think about 500 times) for the presentation that my crew at Verde and I am doing tomorrow (what a cool way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day!). As I was researching and preparing for that, I came across something in a whitepaper that made me take pause. …

This is the first of the Four Pillars of Amazon, found in a whitepaper published by, Prepare for the Future of Shopping)

“Be Customer Centric – Ask yourself: Will you be in the business of helping your customers buy or in the business of trying to sell them hard?”

How about that? The first of the four north stars for Amazon has to do with providing your customer avatar with an experience. Really? On Amazon?

Well it makes sense when you consider what their brand stands for – convenience, efficiency, choice. They’re in the business of helping their customers buy.

What are you in the business of? How is what you offer differentiated from your competition?

Branding is what makes the difference between two similarly positioned products or service offerings. And effective storytelling is how you make your brand stand head and shoulders above your competition to just the right people.

Remember, our ideal avatars are on the hunt for products and services that solve their problems and help them evolve from who they are today, to who they want to become. That’s powerful!

Storytelling is powerful and so important, especially with today’s connected consumers and the sheer volume of noise they’re encountering when they jump online to discover solutions.

This is why I’m offering a load of free content and training this month aimed at helping YOU become a Jedi brand storyteller. I want you to rise above the noise and connect with the right people to grow your business. Storytelling is an avenue to do just that – but it’s a learned strategy.

Because of that, I’m offering an opportunity for you to join me in a live Master Class webinar next week, titled: Nailing Your Brand Storytelling. It’s at 11 am MST on Wed. March 23. Here’s the link to secure your spot:

I’m super excited to be there with you live next week! I hope you can make it – I’ve really gone deep geeking out on the content I’m going to share!

And I also wanted to let you know that my brand-new Intrepid Alliance Membership Site is literally days away from pre-launching!

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Until next time, GO BIG!