Crowdfunding Plus the Outdoor Active Lifestyle Market = Perfect Fit!

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Crowdfunding is going to blow the roof off of the innovation and opportunity for #outdoorfounders – mark my words!

The Jobs Act III legislation was enacted May 16, last Monday, which democratized every man and woman’s ability to invest in a start up. Here’s a link that outlines what just happened from the SlingFin website.

You know, I used to be a journalist before I founded Verde Brand Communications. That was a long time ago, but it’s really tough to shake the habit I have for doing research and writing. It’s one of the reasons I love to podcast – I get to be a reporter all over again with each and every interview!

And in my podcast in the past few weeks, I’ve been on a tear with episodes that cover the many (continually emerging) sides of crowdfunding. The reason’s simple; there is a TON happening with how we fund our companies. With effort, and a commitment to process and transparency, we can truly be creative in how we choose to raise capital for our businesses today.

And raising capital is something each and every one of us as entrepreneurs has to deal with. Think about the companies who wanted to start up before there was a meritocracy of obtaining funds. For some, it just didn’t happen.

Today, everyone has a seat at the table and every single entrepreneur can be creative in their funding strategy.

Check out the Intrepid Entrepreneur podcasts I’ve been amassing on this topic:

1 – Lindsey Elliott and Jainee Dial, co-founders of Wylder Goods, joined me for one of my favorite podcasts to date. Both of these visionary founders put the spotlight on a facet of crowdfunding that you just don’t hear about (the exposure part; being naked on stage in front of the world). In addition, they brought so many other components of a successful launch to the table in this episode. Check it out here.

2 – Martin Zemitis, founder of SlingFin tents and shelters, was part of the Wefunder Title III portal. Martin is an absolutely legendary innovator in the outdoor markets and Wefunder has given him the opportunity to take his vision for a tent and shelter company that will be done “his way” and made it a reality. Check out this super impactful episode here.

3 – Roy Morejon, founder of crowdfunding digital agency Command Partners. I don’t want to give away too much here about the show, but know that you’ll leave it with a crib sheet of sorts around how to have a successful crowdfunding campaign. And, you’re in good hands: Roy and his team are 95% successful meeting funding goals to date in 2016. Head on over to to hear his story first hand!

Also, I went even bigger with this topic in my brand-new A-Game Alliance membership site this month. In addition to a well-researched feature on how to choose the best way forward in crowdfunding written just for my private Alliance membership, I was also able to bring an all-star live mentor to the community this week.

Our May Mentor, Jenny Kassan, of, provided a live Q&A session today to my community in the Alliance. Jenny is an attorney and creative funding consultant (and one of the big guns who introduced and pushed through the Jobs Act) and she shared some incredible information with my community! I learned a TON…

Until next time, GO BIG!