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RinseKit Inventor Chris Crawford Goes Big!

Chris Crawford knew he was wired differently from the time he was in grade school. He was that kid who just couldn’t help but look out the window and dream while his classmates were studying phonics and social studies. Sound familiar? His stepdad saw the writing on the wall when Chris graduated from high school and helped him with his first start-up, a pool-cleaning business in Southern California. But he wasn’t done with just one. Just over a decade into it, he sold his company and invested everything he had into his garage invention, the world’s first portable shower, the RinseKit. An avid surfer, Chris invented the RinseKit to help surfers rinse off after being in the salt water and sand. As it turned out, the RinseKit also worked incredibly well for fishermen, mountain bikers, campers, moms and kids, dog owners and endless other applications. In just two years, Chris secured investment for his garage-based prototype, built an incredible team and is now watching RinseKit’s incredible trajectory in the media and among a growing legion of fans, followers and consumers. What’s more, the RinseKit is perfectly positioned to be a resource to the State of California with its grueling drought, which is a super fulfilling aspect to this successful start-up story. In today’s podcast, you’ll hear the start-up story of RinseKit, a classic entrepreneurial journey fueled by a founder with passion, grit and a vision. Follow Intrepid Entrepreneur by joining our community on Twitter and Instagram (@GoLivingUber)! Don’t forget to rate, review and subscribe on iTunes and Stitcher, and share with other founders!

Habit for Success?

Chris keeps his stoke for going big in business and in life by being a regular in the line up in his local surf break in Northern San Diego, Calif.

Pivot Moment?

The first time Chris approached an investor was a true pivot point. He’d reached a limit with what he, his wife and his in-laws could produce in their garage and he sought out a connection for investment. Because he didn’t have a script or experience pitching, he did so informally and his ask and demo were so authentic, the investor agreed to invest. The lesson? Keep true to who you are and your vision, and let you passion for what you’re doing be clear whenever you’re courting investors.

Coolest Expansion Idea:

There are so many – head to and discover all of the add-ons for this super cool portable shower!

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