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Training for Success: A powerful and motivating talk with Chris Carmichael of CTS Training

Chris Carmichael of CTS Training and his drive behind creating a national (and now international) training business for people of all skill levels and sports is – quite possibly – our most intrepid yet. All you outdoorsy entrepreneurs, listen up! for a podcast that is full of inspiration.

The Intrepid Entrepreneur podcast welcomes Chris Carmichael to this episode, who is the founder and CEO of Carmichael Training Systems, Inc. (CTS).

Chris formed CTS in 2000 to make world-class coaching accessible to athletes of all ability levels. Sure there was fantastic synergies with technology (the internet and power meters, and on-line coaching tools) but Chris was an early pioneer with the vision to serve a broad swath of athletes of different ability levels, and yes, even different sports (in addition to cycling, CTS coaches Indy-Car drivers, professional team sports athletes, runners, triathletes, etc.).

Chris embodies the profile of an Intrepid Entrepreneur. He’s literally played a leading role in advancing the use of power meters, aerodynamic testing, altitude training, online coaching tools, and specific training methods for athletes as a coach. As an entrepreneur, he figured out a way to deliver this to aspirational athletes (like me!).

Throughout his career as an athlete, coach, and entrepreneur Chris has put innovation front and center. Through Chris’s leadership, CTS has become the premier destination for personal fitness, nutrition, and life coaching. He’s been able to ensure consistency and a “CTS” approach via the CTS Coaches College, comprising 80 coaches who serve thousands of athletes working with CTS.

CTS is now a global, multimillion-dollar coaching and multimedia business with more than 50 full-time employees. Chris is also the author of several books (see link below).

In this podcast, Chris talks shop about founding CTS and growing it through its first 15 years, as well as what’s on the horizon for CTS. This company exemplifies the power of the New Economy, in my opinion. The work of CTS is literally available globally due to the platforms and the proprietary systems Chris has built for CTS – it’s pretty inspiring! Give it a listen, and please rate and review if you like this podcast right in iTunes:

The Carmichael Training Systems Shop

Bravery in Business Quote:

This was borrowed from an early mentor in Chris’ Olympic cycling coaching era, but he likes to use it now: “Where there’s a Wheel, there’s a Way!”

Habit for Success?

Being relentless and keeping his eye on the bigger vision (meaning, he doesn’t allow himself to get caught up in the small stuff). Even while he was building CTS and going through the hand off from founder to leader of a team, Chris “got” that his 80-20 was clearly being the visionary and being out on the front end, innovating for CTS, not doing the day-to-day tasks that should be delegated. This takes discipline – that’s something Chris has in droves.

Pivot Moment?

Establishing and launching the CTS Coaching College, which enabled Chris to scale his results and signature approach through certified coaches who could deliver a trusted and consistent product in CTS.

Coolest Expansion Idea:

He’s just opened CTS Mexico and is eyeing other South American locations!

The Carmichael Training Systems Shop

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