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Understand Your Values, Mission and Vision to Start Attracting Ideal Customers

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March is one of my favorite months for the usual reasons: Daylight Savings (going the right way), March Madness (I LOVE basketball), Shamrock Shakes (remember?) and yes, St. Patrick’s Day. I’ll bet you didn’t know that there’s one more day to mark — or avoid if you’re in the Intrepid…

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True Confessions of a Brand Communications Agency Owner

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My name is Kristin Carpenter-Ogden and I’ve just joined SnapChat – as in today! Yes, the person who founded and serves as CEO of one of the leading brand communications agencies in the outdoors markets, has not joined SnapChat yet. There. It’s out there. It feels good to confess that…

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Turns Out that Failure Pairs Nicely with Innovation

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Today, I’ll be taking a page from the “Will it Blend” company playbook (you likely remember the company that showcased the strength of its blenders by shooting Youtube videos of iPhones being blended?). Let’s admit it. … It’s kind of fun to break stuff. And today, I get to absolutely…

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