Don’t Take No for an Answer – Even from Yourself!

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Turns out that Jessica Livingston, co-founder of YCombinator, one of the foremost innovation-driven accelerators in the entire world, points to “determination” as THE trait that ignites success among entrepreneurs. I heard this in a podcast she did with Foundr Magazine. What that means is that as successful founders, we quite…

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Crowdfunding Plus the Outdoor Active Lifestyle Market = Perfect Fit!

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Crowdfunding is going to blow the roof off of the innovation and opportunity for #outdoorfounders – mark my words! The Jobs Act III legislation was enacted May 16, last Monday, which democratized every man and woman’s ability to invest in a start up. Here’s a link that outlines what just…

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The Care and Feeding of Your Entrepreneurial Business

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You’ve probably seen that inspirational quote hanging in your dentist’s office: “Life is measured by the moments that take your breath away,” or something close to that (I don’t know who said it first). If we look at this from a parenting perspective, there are a LOAD of big moments….

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