Understand Your Values, Mission and Vision to Start Attracting Ideal Customers

core values phrase made from metallic letterpress type on wooden tray

March is one of my favorite months for the usual reasons: Daylight Savings (going the right way), March Madness (I LOVE basketball), Shamrock Shakes (remember?) and yes, St. Patrick’s Day. I’ll bet you didn’t know that there’s one more day to mark — or avoid if you’re in the Intrepid community — Multiple Personality Day.

If you’ve been hanging out with me for any chunk of time, you know well that I frown on entrepreneurs having multiple brand personalities. It’s super important to caretake your brand and make sure it has only one personality. Your brand needs to have a distinct voice and engaging stories created just for your ideal customer (avatar).

It’s a fact: Nothing extinguishes what lights up an entrepreneur faster than serving the wrong customers. Let’s make a pact this month together, to intentionally serve the people we actually want to serve and impact with our companies!

For the entire month of March, my blog (and special content provided to my Intrepid Community via my weekly newsletter) is all about understanding how to tell your brand story to just the right target customer (your avatar). Sign up for my weekly newsletter to receive the insider’s content on this topic right here on this page, and also know that I highlight outdoor market founders each and every week on my podcast, The Intrepid Entreprenuer (there’s a podcast page for that right here on this site too).

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I have a process I teach with entrepreneurs who I work more closely with, that enables the to attract and serve people they truly want to serve. But you can gain a ton of ground on this front by following these three steps:

NOTE: There’s a free workbook to download that will guide you through this too: Intrepidentrepreneur.net/foundersstory

1 – Understanding your WHY. My all-time favorite resource for this is of course Simon Sinek’s YouTube Ted Talk video, Start with Why. Every founder I’ve ever worked with completely “gets” the reason the why is so important when they watch this video. I recommend watching it monthly, that’s what I do for my own companies.

2 – It’s also really important that you understand your company’s founder’s story. If you are the founder, or if you lead a company that was founded by a different person, it’s essential to the creation process of your brand storytelling to know your company’s founder’s story.

3 – Some entrepreneurs believe it’s okay to not create a mission and vision, and a business values statement at the onset of their branding work (and really, their launch and founding). Nothing could be further from the truth! It’s important on SO many levels to have these components of your brand and business foundation in place, especially as you grow your company and add staff.

Again, you can download a workbook with a founder’s story template, as well as a mission, vision and values guide, by going to this link: Intrepidentrepreneur.net/foundersstory

Even if you’re a solo-preneur, it’s important to put time into understanding your businesses’ why, your founder’s story, your mission and your vision. Knowing this helps your mental game, keeps you feeling plugged in to serving your exact right target avatar and crystallizes the direction your brand storytelling should take.

In today’s era of the connected consumer, your brand storytelling is just as important as the quality of your product and service. It’s how you attract and retain customers and enable them to feel part of what you’re offering. For the rest of this month, check back to this blog to learn more about how to target your avatar with your brand story. Again, for inside tips on this, sign up for my newsletter!

Until next time, GO BIG!