Today’s the Day! Free, Live Master Class Training on Brand Storytelling!

Nail Your Brand Story (1)

Hey everyone!

Truth be told, I spent WAY too much time researching and building today’s live Master Class training for March. Blame it on the fact that I’m a Virgo and type-A.

You can also blame it on the fact that Nailing your Brand Storytelling is a hugely important skill to have as we work to create success and profitability in our companies. Here’s the link to save your seat if you haven’t signed up yet:

Ads, interruption marketing and counting on your message magically showing up right when your avatar might find it, just isn’t building the pipeline (or your audience) anymore.

Instead, gaining permission to share valuable content with our avatars is the key. We have to know their needs and how our companies fulfill those needs. And, we need to present our aspirational solutions to them in a narrative (brand story) format that stars them. That’s when we start to see loyalty, sharing, brand advocacy and conversion.

This is the power of brand storytelling – it’s one of the most important facets of the system I teach my entrepreneurs and it’s what I’m teaching live today! Can you tell I’m stoked?

I’m also stoked because I know that my 20 years of experience with content and storytelling in the outdoor active lifestyle markets will serve you well in this training. This is what makes my system unique and effective – the people in these markets know how to story tell because they’re completely passion driven.

This could be one of the most important trainings you take on the new world of customer acquisition and retention. Can’t wait to see you there live!

Here’s the link just in case you have not grabbed a seat yet:

Hope to see you there LIVE!

Until next time,