Get in on Social Ads Now Before the Cost Skyrockets

Here’s my favorite quote of the week: …”Attention follows eyeballs, and money follows attention.”
As entrepreneurs, solo preneurs, authors and business leaders, we have a level playing field right now. We can access and use platforms that are tuned to reach certain profiles of users for a pretty affordable price. Really!
This could change, however…

Here’s a quote from an interesting piece I found last week on, titled “Big Brands are Driving Facebook and¬†Twitter’s Mobile Ad Explosion,” written by Christopher Heine.
Heine says Twitter and Facebook are growing precipitously because both platforms are built to be “expanding their customer base from smaller direct-response and app-install players to big brands…”
What does this mean to you and I as purveyors of hand-crafted personalized brands, as marketers and as media savvy entrepreneurs with a purpose and a message that we want to get out?
It may signal that now is the time to jump on these ad platforms. No, let me rephrase that, NOW IS THE TIME. Learn and use these ad platforms now before the cost of accessing it grows, well to the point where print ads used to be. Read: expensive!
Here’s the complete feature, again, from Give it a read and then take the steps to learn how to maximize your reach and laser focus your message to your ideal fan and follower by integrating Facebook or Twitter ads, and I believe if the target group is relevant, LinkedIn as well: