Best Practices: Lazy Person’s Guide to Personal Branding

Lazy Branding

We are all busy trying to find the best practices and keep up with the trends, but do you ever wonder where the time goes? I do every day! We need to find time for our daily lives, our businesses and managing our own personal branding. As professionals, whether you would like to believe it or not, you are a brand.

I have found an interesting read about how to represent your best self in eight easy steps. We are all experts in our fields but the best part about this article, is that it makes personal branding simplified for the time sensitive individual.  This post can inspire you to plan and prioritize your 2015 year. Continue planning for ‪#‎15in2015.

Mashable brought in, “LinkeIn career expert Nicole Williams, author and branding expert Dan Schawbel and social media expert Krista Neher to get the lowdown on the laziest ways to kickstart your personal brand.”

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Feature image courtesy to Mashable.