LU 1.7.15

It’s a brand new year and beginnings are everything. We have the choice of how we want to rework, re-shape and add–or change how we do business.

I ran across this great read from Fast Company and Samantha Cole titled, “The Top 10 Business Lessons from 2014”. This is a great tool that asks the tough questions of how to succeed, balance and how home and work life can meet in the middle. Click on this link for great advice and lessons to live by.

With so much great info listed, I wanted to give you a snapshot of the topics that are discussed:

– Treat Humans Like People from “Netflix’s Major HR Innovation: Treating Humans Like People”
– Let Yourself Be Stupid from “Spotify’s Design Lead On Why Side Projects Should Be Stupid”
– Prove Everyone Wrong from “Meet the Woman Who Is Trying To Change The Credit Card Industry”
– Family and Career Can Play Nice from “The Tech Company With The Radical Idea That Having A Baby Shouldn’t Derail Your Career”
– The Big Fish Isn’t Always The Best Fish from “Why I Turned Down Apple For A Startup”
– Keep The Message Simple from “Facebook’s Head Of Tech Communications Shares The Best PR Advice You’ve Never Heard”
– Solve Problems Creatively from “Pixar President Ed Catmull On How To Run A Creative Business”
– Stay Curious, And True To Yourself from “How Patagonia’s New CEO Is Increasing Profits While Trying To Save The World”
– Don’t Ignore The Emotional Side from “Why Emotional Intelligence Is More Important To Hiring Than You Think”
– Attack Opportunities to Learn from “Lessons In Hyper Growth From The Man Who Scaled Engineering At Dropbox And Facebook”

Any lessons you would like to add?

Image courtesy of: Fast Company