LU 12.9.14

If you’re not pitching your YouTube channel, you better start! YouTube is the number two search engine in the world according to Wunderland, second behind only Google.

With that being said, what is the importance here? This can be answered by looking at the numbers. Here’s a simple statistic from 2012:  every day over four billion videos are viewed. We as marketing professionals must leverage this channel!

If you think about it, most people would prefer to watch someone explain how to do something or speak to a product versus reading about it. Here is a great example of a vlogger (video blogger) who has created a following doing just that.

Twenty-year-old Marques Brownlee built a YouTube product review empire while balancing his senior year of college. In case you are wondering about his credentials, he has more subscribers than Kanye West, Marvel and Disney Animation. Click this link to learn more about MKBHD and the beauty of the YouTube channel subscription.

Image courtesy from and Robyn Twomey.