Um... I kind of WANT IT REAL BAD!

The other night I Google’d “race weight.” Yes, I did. True confessions.

There’s a pretty good reason for this, and yes it involves a race I’m signed up for. The Mt. Evans Hill Climb road bike race is a mere 17 days away (but I’m not counting….), and I know that I can go uphill faster sans a couple of lb’s.

Normally, I don’t have this issue, but because I went on tour at the start of June for work and personal vacation, and let’s just say that it’s an issue this time around.

My tour was comprised of a visit to a big sales meeting right along with a leadership team retreat for my company, Verde. While I loved every single one of the stops on this tour, it was a lot!

From there, the family and I and headed down to Austin, Texas for a family reunion. You likely aren’t aware that my family is comprised of GINORMOUS men – I have three brothers that are all well over 6-feet, 6-inches and yes, they like their beer and sausages. They’re healthy and fit, don’t get me wrong, but it was a family reunion and there was a TON of food and fine malted beverages (and it was SO much fun!).

Now do you see why I was Google-ing “race weight?”

Okay, back to that search. One of the top results was Mr. Matt Fitzgerald. I’m almost positive I’ve worked with Matt somewhere along the line of my journalism or brand communications career, as he got his writing and editing start at the Competitor Group.

I found his book, How Bad Do You Want it, through researching and buying his other books about attaining racing weight. Unfortunately the race weight books to a back seat to How Bad Do You Want it.

I listened to it all weekend on my training rides and HOLY CR*P – I am TRANSFORMED!

Two things stood out to me about Matt’s work in this book, which he wrote for endurance athletes, but I feel is relevant to endurance entrepreneurs….

1 – Get in the (*&^%$@# Game already!

For endurance athletes, you can’t really understand your limits, what you’re good at and what you need help with until you throw your heart and soul into your sport and compete (and train at a high level so that when you compete you win). Sign up! Pin those numbers on and just go for it! And if you’re not into athletic events, do the same thing in your business. What can you raise your hand for to do? What can you present? You’ll be amazed at the version of you that emerges from the other side of a goal like this.

The Takeaway: Do not let your fear of looking less-than-elegant get in your way of testing and creating forward progress (traction) in your biz. Nothing teaches you more about what works and what doesn’t in endurance sports or business than in person, in the trenches, trial and error (and the discipline to show up fully and do the work!). And know that there are those who have flipped the raft and those who will (rinse and repeat here).

2 – Decide to Let Go!

Okay, this one? Not so easy. And oh, how I love to pontificate (through writing from a nice safe zone) about letting go of limiting beliefs. But when it comes to actually doing so? Holy crap – so not easy! Who knew that limiting beliefs could be a comfy place? Well they are and we have no room for that, do we?

The Takeaway: Matt’s chapter that featured triathlete Siri Lindley was an absolute GAME CHANGER for me. Siri is a super talented triathlete who clouded up her potential and capabilities as a triathlete with baggage (rightly earned) from her childhood. Once she figured out how to remove that? She became a world champion! If we’re aware of what we’re doing and choose to make a choice to do something different, change happens. Matt’s book shares a ton about neuroplasticity – this alone is worth the investment. It’s amazing to me how resilient and nimble we are when we want to be – decide and commit!

PS – Siri Lindsey’s company is sponsored by the best nutrition resource in the entire UNIVERSE for endurance athletes, GU Energy.

If I could tally all of the self-help books, therapists and mindset training programs I’ve invested in to solve limiting belief issues in my own life, well, let’s just say it’s a LOT.

You have to want it and be willing to live it, and sometimes that equates to suffering. But, that’s only part of it, there are great facets to it as well – commit to it and it will lead to implementation and change.

I went long in this post for a reason. If you’re an athlete, this book will be a launch pad for you. If you’re an entrepreneur who is also an athlete? It’s the SWEET SPOT solution like none other!

I’ve already reached out to Matt to ask if he’ll do a podcast with me, and serve as a guest mentor in the A-Game Alliance. I’ll keep you posted on more. Until then my most bionically-awesome founders…. GO BIG!!