Entrepreneurs in the Outdoor Active Lifestyle Markets: Here’s Your Mastermind!


There’s a part of me that can’t believe I’ve been in the outdoor, snow, bike, run and fitness markets for two decades. What?

I’d  first discovered these markets when I was a raft guide in college at U.C. Davis. At that time, I knew two things: I’d found my people; and I wanted a career working with them.


Much to my Dad’s horror, I moved to Durango, Colo., soon after graduating from college. I wanted to live closer to my obsession with riding my bike, climbing, being on the water and running trails. I knew I needed a career too, and boy was I in for a heaping dose of harsh reality.

Let’s just say that unless I wanted to wait tables, be a nanny or go to nursing school, there really weren’t a lot of options to make cash in Durango at the time. The only way I could make my life vision work (play a lot outside, work hard) was to launch my own company. My Dad kept telling me again and again that I should just move to city and find “a real job.” Nothing sounded worse than that to me.

So I went for it. … And it was scary as *^%$#!

First, I hung out the shingle as a gear, fitness and travel journalist. I learned a ton and had a great time doing so. About a decade later, married to a professional climber and with a baby on board, I had to evolve (we just have to keep doing that, don’t we?). I founded Verde Brand Communications. Both of those babies (my son and Verde) are now 14 years old. I love my work with Verde; everyday I get to help iconic brands in outdoor active lifestyle markets grow and build amazing brands.

I also started Livinguber.com a couple of years ago because of something else I love to do. … Catalyze entrepreneurs in my markets to build profitable, passion-driven businesses that support amazing lifestyles. Kick-ass business and kick-ass life – there’s no compromising.

Livinguber.com focuses on founders, which is very likely why you’re reading this. I know first hand that there’s never been a resource just for entrepreneurs in these markets. Let’s just say over the past two decades, I’ve made just about every mistake possible in my companies. I’ve worked far too hard for far too little money. I’ve had to sacrifice some pretty precious time with my young family and my husband and for the first five years, I just hung with it but felt pretty alone. I was living in lack, and was running a fear-based mindset.

It was tough, sure, but I was committed to learning a new way forward. I found resources, a good mentor and figured out a better, more profitable and enjoyable way forward. For the past decade, I’ve literally hand-build a new way forward. I’ve created resources implemented new ways forward. As a result, Verde is a success and continues to evolve, serve and grow. More importantly, I live the entrepreneurial lifestyle I envisioned when I became a founder in the first place!

Livinguber.com gives me the opportunity to bring it all — the good, bad and ugly (read: my experience) – along with a vast network and what I’ve pioneered, straight to you so that you can be brilliant in your businesses faster!

That’s been my vision for Livinguber.com, and after two years of providing amazing and free content, community and a kick-ass podcast in The Intrepid Entrepreneur, I’m beyond excited to announce a brand-new opportunity. It’s one that I was meant to offer – a group coaching program made just for entrepreneurs in the active outdoor lifestyle markets!

Before I unveil, I think it’s important to tell you that I conferred with many of you as I designed this out. It was impossible NOT to notice that you’ve got a few things in common:

  • You know the game of business is changing FAST
  • You know you’ve got to up your game to be successful in this new era
  • You know that what you’ve done to get your business to where it is today is so not going to get it to that next level. …
  • And you’re not sure what to do, because you’re already working super hard keeping it going as it is. ….
  • However, despite all of this, you’re hell bent on making your business and brand into money-generating machines that supIMG_2746 port an amazing lifestyle (#Livinguber, yo!)

I can SO relate, and I want to tell you – there IS a way forward – I know because I’ve had to build many of those myself. This is why I’m stoked to introduce you to the solution I wish I could have had. …

Meet the LivingUber A-Game Mastermind! This three-month, online training and group Mastermind begins Sept. 14. I hand-designed this solution for business owners who:

  • Are in love with the outdoor active lifestyle markets
  • Need to refine their brand, messaging and who they’re really serving with what they offer
  • Hate the concept of having to work in an industry that they’re not passionate about (vacuum cleaners, anyone?)
  • Need help getting their passion-driven companies more profitable or growing their companies to the next level
  • Crave control of their schedule so they can be outside doing their thing as much as possible
  • Can’t figure out how to scale, lead and are not super pro at delegating
  • Secretly yearn for process and systems, because having them leads to more time on the bike, the trail, the side of a cliff, you get the idea
  • Desperately want a resource to help them drop the clutch on their business and be different from their competition
  • Are totally over working waaaaay to many hours for not enough money
  • Are totally into working on only what they love
  • Are completely ready for take their business to the next level by leading with their A-Game

The LivingUber A-Game Mastermind will give you clarity on your goals and give you the strategies and resources to reach them. You’ll also be 100% surrounded by peers who are intent on going for it and relentless in their pursuit of a new level of success that’s completely available to us in today’s changing era of business.

We’ll start in mid-September because I want you to realize the benefits of having 15 months in 2016, not the measly 12 we’re told we get. Take this training and engage in this Mastermind and you’ll be completely dialed for tipping-point success with your business and brand in 2016.

I’m keeping this group small so that I can offer a lot of coaching, mentorship and support. If you’re interested in learning more about the A-Game Mastermind, email me (questions@livinguber.com).

Also, please go HERE and fill out the simple survey I’ve created, so that I can get to know you and also, discover if you’re a good fit for the A-Game Mastermind. Completing the survey also puts you at the top of the list to get the next steps to join, assuming you’re a fit. I want to keep this group small and filled with motivated, like-minded founders to ensure we reach maximum success potential.

I am completely lit up about offering this group coaching opportunity to my entrepreneurs in the active outdoor lifestyle markets. It’s the first of its kind!

Sign up for this and you’ll have a domestique in me to help you navigate the changes in business we’re all swimming in and to give you the springboard you need to completely up your game. Doing so is the only way to take advantage of the endless opportunities that surround us today as entrepreneurs! Not doing so? I think we all know where that road leads (same, same).

When I think of you + 2016, a single question comes to mind. …. Why go big when you can go HUGE? The A-Game Mastermind will get you there!

Again, click HERE to take the survey and get on the short list.

Looking forward to hearing from you!