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Entrepreneurs are guilty of being head down, inventing, managing operations and, well surviving. But then the realization hits; they need to connect their product and service to their customers. That’s basic survival.

And in the outdoor industry, that’s no easy task for a start-up. This is especially true with the evolution of wholesale and the continued momentum of direct-to-consumer revenue streams. It costs real money to break into a trade show, and a lot of strategy and experience to make a blip on the radar of the end consumer.

Young and growing businesses in the active outdoor lifestyle markets need a break!

Amy Hatch is the founder of Garage Grown Gear, which could provide just that. Garage Grown Gear could be the best next step from Kickstarter to true consumer launch for founders in the outdoor active lifestyle markets. 

Today could be the most opportunistic time in history to launch the dream of a start up. This is why Garage Grown Gear is growing, and why its such an amazing opportunity for outdoor founders.

Through the website, both the e-commerce and the blog portions, Garage Grown Gear helps young businesses connect with their consumers. The ‘why,’ or story behind every business is an essential aspect of what forges deep relationships with customers, and this is a large part of what Garage Grown Gear helps businesses convey through their online magazine.

Learn how Amy has grown her own business, and continues to help other small and growing businesses in the outdoor lifestyle industry, on this week’s episode of Intrepid Entrepreneur!

Bravery in Business Quote

“I have three priorities in life: Family first, business second, and getting outside, third.” -Amy Hatch

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The Cliff Notes

  • Whatever the initial launch sequence looks like, the next step is often the most crucial. Implementation and establishing real-life processes  is often where new business need the most support
  • Startups need to capture their ‘why,’ or their story, to connect with customers in a deeper way
  • Today is an unprecedented age for the startup. There is an environment that promotes the launching of dreams and visions more now than ever
  • As an entrepreneur, having a support network is of paramount importance
  • Your beliefs are your path to success or failure
  • Getting outside is a habit, and the more and earlier that you can create that habit in people, the better our society can be


“Those who can wake up everyone morning and pursue their dreams are very blessed. It’s not for the faint-of-heart, but it must never be taken for granted.” – Amy Hatch

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Habit for Success

Wake up every morning thankful that you are able to pursue your dreams and visions and surround yourself with a strong support group, and forge on!

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