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kco_smKristin Carpenter-Ogden

My name is Kristin Carpenter-Ogden and I’m the founder of The Intrepid Entrepreneur and the CEO and founder of Verde Brand Communications.

Over the past two decades, I’ve founded three successful companies in the active outdoor lifestyle markets, built Verde into a market leading brand communications firm and serves as a mentor for start ups and accelerators like Telluride Venture Accelerators. I’m also the podcaster behind The Intrepid Entrepreneur podcast.

But what you really need to know is that I’m a founder just like you. Sure Verde’s 15 years in, but Intrepid? I’m fighting the good fight right there with you (and enjoying every step of the way).

I recently was considering my time with Verde. During the past 15 years, I’ve coached and consulted close to 200 brands to successfully engage with and grow audiences and fan bases. These are companies like KEEN Footwear, ATHLETA, prAna, Timberland, K2 Sports, Confluence Outdoor, SCARPA, Metolius, Gregory Packs and so many others.

While I love to lead strategy for the larger businesses comprising Verde’s client roster, I have a very strong passion for working with #OutdoorFounders.

I have a lot of empathy for them too, as choosing the “work for yourself” road may sound glam, but it’s so not the easy road.

Entrepreneurs, especially in our markets, need a container of support, mentorship, guidance, peer feedback and market-fluent training. This should be available to them without having to compromise the ownership of their companies.

What I wouldn’t have given for that exact solution when I was starting up (all three times, actually). It didn’t exist; so like a good #OutdoorFounder, I set about to launch it.

The Intrepid Entrepreneur

Now, Intrepid is the hub for motivated, creative visionary entrepreneurs who want to launch and continually in the outdoor active lifestyle markets.

Intrepid is for:

  • New entrepreneurs ready to take their vision to reality and start up
  • Existing entrepreneurs, indies and small biz owners who are hell-bent on leveling up their businesses (you know that what got you to this point is so not going to get you to the next level)
  • All outdoor founders who want to learn how to build a successful connection with their target audiences in today’s digital direct marketing era
  • Existing entrepreneurs/small business owners who want to up-level their existing businesses
  • Companies that have entrepreneurial roots that are committed to staying innovative

I’m so happy you’re here! Please let me know if there is anything I can research for you in my content or trainings (I love to hear from Intrepid’s fierce community!).

Also, check out my podcast, which you can access right here in the site. If you love the outdoor industry, you’ll find plenty of episodes showcasing some of our most prolific, interesting and scrappy founders. I hope you enjoy it!

You might also want to consider joining my weekly newsletter. It’s the “gateway drug” for #OutdoorFounders and provides updates and access to special trainings and content researched and built to make your business stronger.

The outdoors markets NEED to have entrepreneurial innovation survive and thrive. The Intrepid Entrepreneur exists to be the runway our founders need to discover (and rediscover) success!

Thanks SO much for visiting and know that I’m happy you’re here!


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