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The Intrepid Entrepreneur A-Game Alliance Membership Community

  • You’ve got questions; I’ve got answers and so do your peers!
  • Until the Alliance, there hasn’t been a resourced, well networked community of entrepreneurs in the active outdoor lifestyle market
  • You can only go as big as the people you surround yourself with
  • When I launched my three companies, I wish I would have had a dedicated mentor and a community to help me get to the level of success I was committed to FASTER.
  • It just didn’t exist – which is why I’m launching the A-Game Alliance private mentorship program and community
  • If you’re an independent, sole proprietor, business owner / entrepreneur shepherding a vision in the outdoor, snow, bike, endurance or travel markets, THIS IS YOUR RESOUCE AND COMMUNITY!

Join this community and have access to:

  •  My business foundation training for entrepreneurs designed for business owners in our markets
  •  An engaged network of fellow business owners in your markets of focus
  •  Access to the leading entrepreneurs in these markets through the Alliance’s Guest Mentor program, each month.
  •  An ongoing curriculum of business and branding tools, trainings and strategies that will propel you to the next level

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Who Should Join the A-Game Alliance Community?


If you’re an entrepreneur in the outdoor, bike, snow and endurance markets, you’re in the right place.

You’re very likely here because you:

  • Know our business is changing FAST
  • Constantly feel that nagging “what am I missing” feeling
  • Know you’ve got to up your game to be successful in this new era
  • Are sure about one thing: that what you’ve done to get your business to where it is today is so not going to get it to the next level…
  • Are not sure what to do about that because you’re already working super hard keeping it going as it is. ….
  • Are hell bent on evolving your business and brand to make them money-generating machines that support an amazing lifestyle

My definition of success includes:

  • Financial abundance from a passion-driven business that’s built to support a kick-ass life
  • A confident approach to business that feels authentic and less stressful
  • Making an impact with what you do – call it a legacy or a mark, or disruption – you’re here to be different and chart your own path forward

My name is Kristin Carpenter-Ogden

business-planningI’m a brand and business strategist and a coach to visionary entrepreneurs.

My work at the Intrepid Entrepreneur and Verde Brand Communications catalyzes growth and success for passion-driven businesses and brands. I help entrepreneuers (and entrepreneurial brands) in the active outdoor lifestyle markets build remarkable and profitable businesses that support a kick-a** lifestyle.

Since founding Verde in 2002, I’ve worked with over 200 iconic brands in the outdoor, bike, snow, endurance, action sports, consumer electronics, pet, travel and LOHAS (lifestyles of health and sustainability) markets. Some of those brands include: prAna, G3, SCARPA, KEEN Footwear, ATHLETA, Confluence Outdoor, Bonfire Snowboarding, Raleigh Bicycles, Timberland, GoPro, People for Bikes, K2 Sports and, among many others.

I specialize in developing and implementing strategies to enable my clients to creatively reach and engage their target audiences and set up the funnel to conversion.

Digital direct marketing creates the need to re-engineer the sales funnel. Today, both the sales pipeline and customer retention are both tied to the branded experiences we offer to our target customers (avatars) across our platforms (online, offline and inline).

Through working with so many amazing companies in these industries, I’ve gained a ton of experience successfully guiding them through the transformation happening with how consumers discover, engage and buy from us today.

I work with brands, service providers, manufacturers, retailers, reps, consultants and independent founders to not only navigate the changes we’re experiencing but to mine opportunities from them.

The long and short of it? I’m one of you. I grew up in these markets and know no other approach than to be completely passion-driven in my solutions.

I love to coach and mentor entrepreneurs, which is exactly what I look forward to doing with my brand new A-Game Alliance private membership community. That’s a key differentiator of my membership community to other resources currently out there – you’re getting my approach, systems, resources and network, and access to me each and every month.

I’ve built three successful companies in these markets and a solid reputation for results, service, creativity and innovation in my work for two decades. Through the application process for this membership community, we’ll discover if my methodology is an ideal fit for you and for the peers you’ll be collaborating with in this on-going program.

I also get to realize a dream in the Alliance: to bring together a highly motivated group of entrepreneurs into a customized training and community environment, which will create huge gains for all involved. This is the masterminding component to the opportunity and it’s very powerful…

Considering what we’re navigating and the fact that such a support group has never existed before in our markets, we need this type of resource and support more than ever before!

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So, What’s a Membership Community?

persistanceThe A-Game Alliance is an on-going, private membership site that offers:

  • My proven methods, process and systems I use to successfully support leading brands and entrepreneurs
  • Ongoing business and branding training presented via a password-protected, interactive, digital platform
  • Market-fluent entrepreneurial mentorship and resources
  • A connected, motivated peer community
  • Very strong networking opportunities
  • Ongoing mentorship, guidance and support
  • Q&A + hot-seat coaching calls and guest mentor presentations each month
  • Members-only content (webinars, podcasts and blog posts).

The A-Game Alliance is customized for founders and independents in the outdoor, bike, snow, endurance, travel and LOHAS markets.

If you want to start a passion-driven business or are already at the helm of your own passion-driven business, and you’re relentless about your vision to bring your business to the next level and beyond, this membership community is for you!

I believe in the power of community and masterminding, and my intention of the A-Game Alliance is to combine the two. Here are the reasons why I love mastermind communities:

  • People in highly functional masterminds are committed to pushing themselves to new levels. And, you’ll be with your people and new people in complimentary markets.
  • They are “do-ers” and intent on creating exactly the life and lifestyle they want, and they crave accountability. We’re in the same markets and outlier markets, so you’ll build a strong network in this Mastermind.
  • Individuals in Mastermind groups offer perspectives, resources and skills, to add to the betterment of the group and this give-take brings strong results.
  • A successful mastermind group is one that’s committed to actively working toward their own goals—while supporting the other members in achieving their goals on an ongoing basis.

Napoleon Hill, in his famous book “Think and Grow Rich,” concepted the mastermind alliance. He believed that a group of like-minded, achievement-oriented individuals could dramatically leverage each other’s success. He wrote: “No two minds ever come together without thereby creating a third, invisible and intangible force, which may be likened to a third mind.”

Through our Mastermind, we’ll build bridges from where you are now in your business to where you want to be. Remember, you cannot get to the next level by doing the same things that got you to where you are today.

Examples of the A-Game Alliance Monthly Themes

1 – Goal setting and implementation
2 – Personal and business values
3 – Mission and vision
4 – Ideal client profile (avatar) in-depth training
5 – Business and brand positioning (Passion-Driven Branding System)
6 – Your competitive landscape
7 – Ideal points of entry (platform)
8 – Messaging and positioning
9 – Marketing planning for the digital direct era
10 – Calendar and time management resources/training
11 – Content marketing (visual, video, written word)
12 – Brand storytelling
13 – 80-20 – delegation practice
14 – Relaunching / go-to-market training
15 – Public relations in the era of the connected consumer
16 – The scale (hiring and managing for the entrepreneur)
17 – Monitoring the horizon – social media and brand comm’s evolution and how to integrate what you’re doing with what’s evolving
18 – Creative funding strategies for entrepreneurs
19 – Team communication and team dynamics for entrepreneurs and start ups
20 – Managing outside contractors effectively

The A-Game Alliance Private Membership Community Includes:

  • intelligenceMy proven methods, process and systems I use to successfully support leading brands and entrepreneurs
  • Ongoing entrepreneurial business and branding trainings presented in monthly themes each month via a password-protected, interactive, digital platform
  • Market-fluent entrepreneurial mentorship and resources
  • Custom worksheets and guided assignments to enable implementation of the training materials directly into your business
  • A guided peer forum for connection, motivation and inspiration
  • Very strong networking opportunities
  • Ongoing mentorship, guidance and support
  • Q&A + hot-seat coaching calls with me
  • Guest mentor presentations each month
  • Members-only content (webinars, podcasts and blog posts)