Happy 2017 Intrepid Nation!

I’m know we’ve all been slammed over the past few months, what with the holidays and now the rush of starting out new years out right. Some of you probably noticed my absence over the past few weeks. I’ve missed you!

This is a special solocast from me to you, dear audience, to fill you in on the new project that has been keeping me so busy–it’s so exciting! I’m also giving you a sneak peek at the changes coming to Intrepid and the Alliance this year. Get excited for some new programs and some new resources!

Bravery and Business Quote

“We’re in it to build lifestyles, we’re in it to do what we love and to build a tribe around something that we love to share.” -Kristin Carpenter Ogden

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The Cliff Notes

  • Find out what exciting new project has been keeping me so busy this quarter, and why I’m so pumped about it.
  • Heads up for some exciting changes coming to the Intrepid Entrepreneur Podcast next month!
  • How to make sure you’re on the waitlist for the Intrepid Alliance
  • New opportunities for members of the Alliance, and some special offers for those of you still waiting.
  • I want your feedback and requests for the new year!  Let me know what you’d like to hear about. Send your ideas to:

“Serving you through this podcast, through Intrepid Entrepreneur & through the Alliance is my favorite thing to do” -Kristin Carpenter Ogden

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