2011 Chicks Ice Season Kicked Off!

Kim Reynolds is a heroic, pathburning Diva. … She has made it a career to challenging women in the natural environment, thereby enabling our growth and confidence. We all need more of that!

Just yesterday, like a good friend showing up with a bottle of wine and some sort of cream-based cheese at the end of a hard day,  I received the 2010/2011 Ice Climbing Chicks’ newsletter! Reading it shifts the brain into “I can do anything” mode.

Sign me up!

Chicks ice programs are amazing and involve women supporting each other and pushing each other beyond their perceived limits. The theme of all Chicks’ ice and rock climbing clinics is “Women Climbing with Women, for Women”. Chicks stands for women’s empowerment, promotes the spirit of service and giving back to the community. Chicks Climbing gives back to the local Colorado community through its support of local women’s shelters: Tri County Resource Center and Starting Point. To date, Chicks Climbing has raised $145,000 for these shelters, making Chicks their largest donor.

I’ve been jones-ing to take on a Chicks course with Kim for about two years now, and this winter, I’m getting after it. Here’s the class I want to take. Which one interests you?