LU 12.30.14

We all run into the problem of being creatively blocked. For whatever the reason, the ideas just aren’t flowing. A muse may be needed or inspiration from some source, but we can’t find it. Well look no further!

I ran across this article from Fast Company titled, “11 Simple Ways to Push Your Creative Boundaries”. Fast Company gathered 11 budget sensitive ways to help push your imagination to the next level. Click on this link for a helpful and ingenious list of ways to push your innovative boundaries.

With all of the great info listed, it’s hard to narrow it down to the best piece of advice. But for the sake of a snapshot, take a look at the list below:

– Share Your Work
– Take A Road Trip
– Create a Surprise Journal
– Get A Weird Side Gig
– Learn How To Brainstorm The Right Way
– Don’t Try So Hard
– Get Serious About Your Coffee
– Hire Other People With Outside Passions
– Plan A Field Trip
– Don’t Get Caught Up With Perfectionism
– When All Else Fails, Drink

Are you inspired from the list and what is your favorite piece of advice?

Image courtesy of: Fast Company and Erin Schulte