LU 12.3.14

Content, Content, Content! We all know how important our content is in promoting our brand but creativity sometimes can be lacking and inefficient. Any great marketing professional knows when we run into a dilemma or are suffering from writer’s block, the best practice is to repurpose old material.

I recently ran across this impressive piece from Social Media Today titled, “10 Innovative Ways to Repurpose Your Content”. Click on this link if you’re ready for a helpful and well-organized checklist.  This is definitely one to bookmark for future reference.

There is SO much good info in this article – subtitles range from “Repurposing begins with topic selection” to “Email Marketing”.  But for the purpose of providing just a snapshot of it, check out the following checklist:

– Onsite Blog Post
– Offsite Blog Post
– Onsite Web Page
– Email Marketing
– Slide Presentation
– Video
– Landing Page
– Downloadable Brochure
– Infographic
– Social Media Post


Image courtesy of: Social Media Today and Brad Shorr