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Financing your business without putting yourself on the line: A How-To with Ty Crandall of Credit Suite

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How many times have you filled out business credit applications, and had to use your personal credit to get approval?  Did you know that businesses have a credit report all of their own? This week on Intrepid Entrepreneur, Ty Crandall of Credit Suite is sharing the secret to applying for...

What went wrong: Learn from the mistakes of others before you start your own business, with Andre Shoumatoff

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In passion driven entrepreneurship, one of the biggest and most rewarding challenges is overcoming negative thinking. This year, there’s been a lot of talk about changes and instability in the bike industry. But for creative entrepreneurs like my guest this week, Andre Shoumatoff of Park City Bike Demos, change can...

The Psychology of Endurance: What entrepreneurs can learn from athletes about passion, overcoming mental obstacles, and the courage to get started

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  What is it that first drew you to the outdoor sports markets? Where did that first spark of passion for entrepreneurship in the outdoor markets come from? For so many of us, the answer is simple: we love outdoor sports, and we had a great idea for how to...



Congratulations! You came up with an idea; you've established proof of concept; you may even already have a prototype or a website at the ready. Heck, you might be in full-fledged operational mode selling your product and service day in and day out. Regardless of where you are, it's time for the next step. It's time to up-level your baby and for that you need outside funding.


News, updates, tips and information for the intrepid at heart...

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Gear Institute High Fives Intrepid Entrepreneur!

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Hello my fellow #OutdoorFounders! I wanted to share some cool news! Intrepid Entrepreneur pulled in stellar media coverage from the Gear Institute (link is below). I’m pretty much stoked beyond recognition! The Intrepid Entrepreneur pulled in some stellar media coverage from the Gear Institute (link is below). I’m pretty much…

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We have had the pleasure of working with Kristin and Verde for five years — or to put it more accurately – being guided and supported for five very rewarding years. During this time, our company has undergone tremendous change and growth; our brands have become more dominant in the marketplace, and our marketing strategies have made significant shifts.

Cheri McKenzie | Vice President, CMO, Marketing, Confluence Watersports

Kristin Carpenter-Ogden and Verde are an integral part of the Accell North America organization. They have allowed us to organize a comprehensive plan of engagement around the media, social media and communication planning. Beyond these initiatives, likely the most valuable asset that Kristin has offered is the development of strategic planning for our business. Kristin brings a valuable, and experienced, perspective to our strategy discussions that we had been missing prior to our engagement with Verde.

Chris Speyer | COO, Accell North America (Raleigh Bicycles, Diamondback, Lapierre Bicycles)

As Kristin’s founding client with Verde, Metolius is proud of the continuous growth we’ve seen between the two companies over the past 12+ years. Kristin’s level of commitment to us has been of the highest order since day 1 and we look forward to many more years of mutual success.

Brooke Sandhal, Metolius Climbing

Back in the day, we had put out requests for PR to a wide field of established and up-and-coming agencies. All of them came back with multi-page proposals that essentially barked up the tree in the same way and followed a boilerplate plan. Kristin was introduced to us on the spur of the moment at a tradeshow; in the 15 minutes we met she presented a more powerful understanding of who we were, where we should go and how to get there than any of the thick well-researched proposals we had read.

Nick Yardley, Julbo Eyewear